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[OOC] >Kanaya: Maintain general application.

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Player Information

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Character Information

Character Name: Kanaya Maryam
Character Series: Homestuck (Red Dead Virgo/Violetescence)
Character Age: 6 Alternian solar sweeps, approx. 13 Earth years
Character Gender: Female
Alternate Universe
Canon Point: The final chapter of Red Dead Virgo, moments before the Scratch is completed and her universe is rebuilt.
Background Link: Homestuck (series), Kanaya Maryam (character), Karkat Vantas (character), the Scratch (event), Red Dead Virgo (AU fic), Violetescence - Pt. 1 (AU fic), Violetescence - Pt. 2 (AU fic)
AU Background: Red Dead Virgo is a bloodswap AU. Every troll has been moved five steps down on the hemospectrum, and the kids grew up under different guardians -- Jade was raised by Bro, John by Becquerel, Rose by Dad, and Dave by Mom. The hemospectrum switch has left Kanaya Maryam in what was Karkat Vantas' place in canon; she is the one with the mutant candy red blood. Her planet in the Medium is the Land of Snow and Sanguine, and her title is the Heir of Blood. She is also the one responsible for being the ectobiologist that created the paradox clones of the trolls.

However, in Red Dead Virgo, Kanaya opted to come out with the color of her blood, rather than remain anonymous as Karkat did in canon. She made this decision based on visions seen by her dream self in the clouds of Prospit -- she believed that revealing her mutant blood was a necessity to win the game. (Surprise, surprise: it wasn't.)

The shit accordingly hit the whirling device. Kanaya was marked for culling and became a fugitive. The empire went so far as to mark her as a "rare unique mob" in FLARP so that other players would hunt her. She often sought refuge in the hives of her friends, hopping from place to place and leaving when it got too dangerous to stay. This got to be problematic when she learned that to enter the Sgrub session, she had to be in her own hive.

Unsurprisingly, she was the last one to enter the game, and she barely escaped their meteor-ravaged planet because of it. Kanaya never did much productive in the game; she didn't help the inhabitants of her Land, or even bother too much with climbing her echeladder. Instead, she focused on her toxic alliance with the like-blooded Jack Noir. She largely shut herself off from her friends, even Vriska, who she's so obviously flushed for it makes her own blood look pale.

It was only after Karkat told her that Jack Noir planned to kill Vriska did Kanaya agree to help exile him. This was without the knowledge that he already had killed Vriska (even though all that really did was shove her ass-backwards into God Tier as the Knight of Life).

The trolls tore through the game, with none of them bothering much to fulfill their mythological roles. Just as in canon, before claiming their reward, Jack Noir leapt into their session and fucked up all of the shit, destroying all of the planets in the Medium along with Prospit and Derse. They took refuge in a lab on a meteor, and began to meddle with the humans, also just as in canon.

However, in RDV, the only one to snap and go on a murderous rampage is Feferi, convinced by dark whispers of promises from the horrorterrors. She knows that their session is doomed and that they are all fated to be rewritten with the universe, ceasing to exist as they do now. So, she makes a deal with the horrorterrors -- by killing the other trolls, they can have an afterlife in the enigmatic dream bubbles even after the Scratch is completed.

So Feferi goes on a gleeful, remorseless murdering spree through the lab. She fells most of the trolls without too much trouble. When she and Kanaya make contact over Trollian, Feferi leaves Kanaya with a message of rationale and fair warning before going to seek her out.

It's implied that Feferi finds and is killed by Kanaya before the Scratch, as when Kanaya's sprite is seen in the final chapter, there is teal blood on her skirt. After defeating Feferi, Kanaya is left to wait with Karkat's corpse for the end, wondering how it all went so wrong. (It is worth noting that Red Dead Virgo and Violetescence diverge in this aspect: Kanaya is the one killed in Violetescence, while Karkat is not.)
Personality: Red Kanaya is fairly similar to canon Kanaya in most base aspects of her personality. She is helpful by nature, and hates that she has to burden the other trolls once she goes on the lam from the empire (she often argues with Vriska during her stays at Vriska's hive over the matter of earning her stay, since she wants to do chores while Vriska wants her to rest). She's also well-read and intelligent, from many sweeps spent dreaming on Prospit and reading from its libraries, as well as the reading she has done while hiding in Aradia's hive. This comes through in her tendency to choose her words carefully. This can sometimes lead to her getting a bit lengthy with her statements and being a little circular when trying to make a point, since she prefers not to be blunt if she doesn't have to -- at least while she's reasonable. When she gets mad, it's a different story.

Like canon Kanaya, she is also quite willing to use her verbal skills and intellect as a way to snipe at those who fail to impress her, to put it in very light terms. But, unlike canon Kanaya, Red Kanaya is quicker to jump to direct insults (sources cited: calling Aradia a "PETULANT SOCIAL CRIPPLE", which was only the cherry on top of her argument with the blue-blooded Aradia). And, unlike her canon counterpart, she has a very good grasp on sarcasm from the get-go, which she's very willing to use to her advantage when she's irritated (for example, using counts of eight in one of her messages to cerulean-blooded Karkat to "tickle [his] nook".)

That said, where she differs most from canon Kanaya is with her temper. Red Kanaya has severe anger problems and, when pushed to shove, she will fly into murderous bloodrage without distinguishing between friend, foe, or innocent bystander. Her fits of anger aren't always so extreme, and her temper manifests in smaller ways, such as in the straightforwardness of some of her insults, and even in her typing quirk, which shifts to ALL CAPS when she is made sufficiently irate.

She also is quicker to grow weary of or lose hope in things than canon Kanaya. She has a tendency to be very self-loathing at times, which both Karkat and Terezi point out on different occasions and in different lights. When she is feeling most hopeless or tired, her typing quirk changes yet again to a complete lack of capitalization and punctuation, not unlike canon Dave Strider's, though this is usually only for very brief intervals. Red Kanaya repeatedly reminds herself that she is a freak and an aberration not meant to exist, and that she has burdened all of the other trolls, especially Vriska, with her mistakes. The truth of all of her self-deprecation is debatable, but it's also unavoidable. It's hard to say if she'll let up on it with a new lease on life. The chances are pretty slim.
Abilities: Kanaya's abilities as the Heir of Blood are never well-outlined, since she neglects most of the quests and ambitions related to the game in favor of an alliance with Jack Noir. However, it's possible to speculate through abilities exhibited in the canon timeline. It's possible that her skills include an ability to build alliances (as in, "blood brothers"), though if this is the case, in RDV canon this seems to be largely sabotaged by her tendency to fly off into bloodrage. (However, as RDV seems to have stuck each character with a mythological role entirely unfitting of their personality, this could potentially up the likelihood of Red Kanaya having this skill.)

As an Heir, there's also a chance that she actually has the ability to manipulate blood somehow, likely physically. Which is awesome and pretty gross. It's hard to say since there's only one Heir to compare her to, since Equius, in canon, never reached godhood, and John's abilities as the Heir of Space aren't elaborated upon in RDV either. The possibility is supported in a bit of narrative instructing Kanaya to "DO THE BLOODY THING" mirroring the command in canon for John to "DO THE WINDY THING", but it's hard to say definitively.

Of course, all this would be if she had actually reached the God Tiers, which she didn't because of the unfortunate fates of Prospit and Derse. So really, the only true "ability" that Kanaya has to her name is her amazing proficiency at doing acrobatic fucking pirouettes off the handle into violent bloodrage episodes. She can also wield chainsaws like a pro and do an absolutely phenomenal amount of bleeding before actually passing out.
Sample Entry: Interacting with a brown Eridan; interacting with canon Karkat; getting uppity at troll!Rose