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gloomyApoplectic (GA) ♍ Kanaya Maryam ([personal profile] gloomyapoplectic) wrote2012-08-29 09:03 am

[OOC] >Kanaya: Check trunk.

Trunk Contents

♍ x1> Outfit, consisting of: black long-sleeved tee with red Virgo symbol, black button-up coat with bright red Virgo symbol on the front, long maroon skirt, and black slip-on shoes
♍ x1> Tattered dark red cape
♍ x1> Crab claw, from her lusus
♍ x1> Chainsaw, dark gray and maroon, accented with a red Virgo symbol
♍ x1> Hemobiologist outfit
♍ x1> Tacky brown pillow